Long-range Computer Solutions for a Fast Changing World


AMS is a full service computer systems firm offering turn-key systems with software designed for specific industries, general business and municipal government.  We have a 35 year history of providing complete, easy-to-use, customized solutions including on-going support and service for the life of the system.

All of our software is powered by a true relational database which provides the greatest flexibility of operation and ease of customization.  All operations are multi-user and multi-tasking and any function can be accomplished from any workstation, under password control.

AMS Software runs on a great variety of computer platforms and operating systems, such as AMOS, Unix, Linux, and Windows.  Fourth level query methods and custom report generation are available throughout the systems. 

AMS has a history of providing software that can be run on whatever the next generation of hardware provides, without having to totally re-invest in new software.  This is true protection of your software investment, especially when combined with our annual software maintenance agreement which assures that you always have the latest features and functions at no additional cost.


Our basic operating philosophy is to provide correct and effective long-term computer solutions with on-going support and complete customer satisfaction 

Applied Micro Systems, Ltd.
1840 County Line Rd, Suite 202
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